Better late than never; I think.

I had originally planned that I would write a post once a week. Probably on a Friday as I finish work early and I am generally quite busy at the weekends. However it doesn’t seem to have worked out like that. I have been fighting a Kidney Infection for the past three weeks, I had my second Uni assignment to get in (still waiting on results) and of course I had my day to day job. So although I definitely want to start writing on a weekly basis it may take longer to get to that point than I had hoped.

Anyway, for the time being I was wondering if anybody has any thoughts on good books I could read/films I could watch? Preferably related to the Environment/Animals etc in some way. I am just waiting on Alicia Silverstones book The Kind Diet. I have been watching things like Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan and of course reading my next course book (Arctic) if anyone can suggest anything to do with that then Yay!

I was also wondering what every bodies thoughts on this are:

I haven’t read a great deal about it but am interested in the effect that it may have on natural cloud formation. If anyone is clued up on this and can tell me a little more I would be extremely grateful.

Sorry this isn’t a long post but it is late on Sunday evening and I have work tomorrow, really just wanted to get something down whilst I had a few minutes.

Hopefully I shall be back on Friday. Fingers crossed.

In the mean time, take care everybody.

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