Happy Holidays

Hi everyone! I guess I really am failing at writing once a week. One day I will get there I am sure. Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and wish everybody a Happy Holiday Season. I spent the day with my family yesterday, I cooked a lovely dinner (if I do say so myself) and everyone who came really seemed to enjoy themselves and I am thrilled about that. I wouldn’t be without my family, no matter how nutty they get. I love them all so much.

Well, I got my result back for my second assignment, 94%! I was so happy with that mark, I am just worried that I am setting a rod for my own back now. We will see, I am loving the course so it is no bad thing.

I also wanted to update on receiving the kind diet book, it was a wonderful read and I would certainly suggest others try it out. She is a wonderful person.

I feel great knowing that I am gaining more insight into this wonderful world of ours and I hope that one day I will be able to give something back to it.

I think that is all I have in me today, short I know, I am sorry for that! I will promise more for next time.

Take care everybody xx

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