A thought for the day

Maybe this is how my blogging life will go. Months on end with nothing, then everything all at once. I hope not, I am a bit scatter brained at the minute though so please bear with me.

I logged on to the ever so wonderful book of face this morning to find out about a new initiative that Dame Vivienne Westwood is doing and that Lush have joined in on the fun. It is the Climate Revolution  please go and have a look at it, spread the word around, etc etc. I also found this place, Cool Earth whilst looking into VW a bit more. I am excited to see someone of such a high profile being interested and active in things like this. Maybe there is still some hope.

Ok, so now I really do need to crack on with my Uni Assignment. I will be back when I have finished it. It has to be in by the 10th, so if I don’t see you before, I will see you then.

Take care guys and gals xxx

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