Time flies; even when you aren’t having fun.

I didn’t realise it had been quite so long since I sat down to write a blog post, it has been kind of hectic round here though. It snowed, not badly, at least not compared to some places in the world, unfortunately Britain isn’t geared up to cope with snow so it always hits us pretty hard. It also makes my journey to work longer and harder. That really sucks as I generally don’t want to be there anyway but then to have to get up earlier, in the pitch black and head out in the freezing cold, it certainly doesn’t raise your spirits!

I have also had my third uni assignment to finish and hand in so that takes up a lot of my time when I’m not at work. I got my results back on Thursday though and yet again I did really well. It makes me happy to know that my brain is actually useful for some things, I definitely think I have found my calling! I have also been thinking about the effects my everyday life has on the world around me and at large, as you may know I decided to become Vegetarian, well I am loving it. I certainly don’t miss meat; Yes! However I am not sure being Vegetarian is enough and I am seriously looking at becoming Vegan. Yes it would mean a lot of hard changes but I wouldn’t be causing suffering to any animals then and for me that is fantastic. I am just not sure I am ready to take the plunge. I am ashamed to say it but I would miss cheese so much, I am not sure how I could get by without it, so if anybody has any tips for me please let me know. I will love you forever!

I am also looking for hints and tips on how to go about finding a new job, I would really like something in the Environmental sector but as I have only just started uni I don’t really have anything to show them. I am wondering if writing to places is a good idea or whether to leave it for  a while. I would happily do some volunteering to build up experience but I am already juggling uni, full-time work and running a household, I just don’t know if I have the energy for it without wiping myself out completely. Anybody have any thoughts on what I could do?


I think my next post is going to be a goal/resolution list. I can keep an easy check on my progress that way, has anybody else done anything like that? Making yourself accountable to others for the things you do? I had read somewhere once a long time ago that it is one of the best ways to make sure you do the things you say you will do!


I am heading off now to pick up some veggies from a friend and maybe hit a market or some charity shops. Hope you all have a fab weekend. Until next time; take care! xxx

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