A long overdue update

I really did mean to write a new post almost a month ago now. I had everything planned for it and then disaster struck, D decided that he was going to take all the photos off my camera and put them on a couple of cd’s. That was a fine idea or so I thought, until he deleted all the photos off the camera to find there was nothing actually on the cd’s. Now I have only started taking lots of photos recently so the ones that were on my camera equated to about 2 whole years worth, needless to say I was pretty upset. It also threw out my plans for a blog update as I had stuff on there that I wanted to post on here. So to cut a long story short, he eventually found a free programme for his laptop that recovers deleted photos and he then spent the better part of 2 days recovering all my lost photos for me. So now I can talk briefly about what I wanted to all those weeks ago.

Over the bank holiday weekend, as it was such lovely weather, we went on a day trip to the beach and we went walking in a forest that is about 15 minutes walk away from our house. It was an absolutely lovely weekend, a much-needed break after everything that has happened these past few months. I love being by the sea, I adore the water and it always feels like going home, even though I have never lived anywhere near the coast. It also gave me time and space to think, without the hassles of everyday life and work.

I have started to expand my wings in regards to social networks (for my business plans that will be revealed in the next few months) I now have a Twitter account, although to be perfectly honest, I have no idea what to do on it. I also now have a Flickr account to store more photos than I would be able to put on here. I am also setting up a small business page on my FB but that isn’t ready to show anyone yet. The links for Twitter and Flickr will be at the bottom of this post, just in case any of you fancy checking them out. I would love it if you did.

Right now for those photos that were recovered, I will just pop a few on here for now and then call it a day, after the worry of losing them and the time between knowing what I wanted to say on this post and actually writing it I have forgotten most of it. Hopefully the photos will convey my love of that weekend. Till next time, take care and enjoy every day!

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/A_Whole_Life
Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/97854811@N03/




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