Today I cleaned

Yes that’s right, today I cleaned, admittedly it was only the dining room table, but it was cleaning nonetheless. It was nearly at the point where we were unable to eat sitting at it. Most of the mess on it was mine, whether that be uni work and books, cooking books I just hadn’t put away after using or buying and an awful lot of receipts. Now everything is organised and I feel so much better. I am not a tidy person but when you can’t think, work or eat because of the clutter it is time to tidy up. It also gave me something to do as I am suffering really badly with my allergies and would have been useless if we had gone out anywhere today. I am hoping it doesn’t get much worse than this but I have no doubt that it will, having said that though I am absolutely loving the Sun, just hoping for a storm sometime soon to clear the air a little.

There was one other reason for the cleaning, one that is part of what I have been alluding to for a while now and today I feel like I am ready to properly talk about my big plans for the future. I decided about a year ago, just before starting uni, that I wanted to create my own business and hopefully one day work for myself doing something that I love. At the time it was just an idea floating around in my head, mostly drowned out by all the other noise that I have constantly going on in my head. Every now and then though it would shout louder than all the others and I would do a bit of work on formulating what it was that I actually wanted to do. Fast forward a few months and it was occupying all my spare thought time and now I have a concrete plan, I have started setting up my website and as I said previously I have spread my wings social network wise. All of this is wonderful but I am now at the stage that I am thinking if I don’t actually tell anyone about this, other than close friends, then it won’t ever happen, so here goes;

I am creating a company called ‘A Whole Life’ which will basically be a ‘monthly’ box scheme (it probably won’t be monthly as I am planning to make it so you can order whenever you like) that focuses on everything you would need in your daily life such as household cleaning products, self pampering products, clothing, food treats etc, however the emphasis for my company is that everything I sell should be vegan, cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, sustainable, fair trade, organic and local if possible. You see, not only do I want to do something that doesn’t make me miserable, I want to do something that helps people make better choices in their daily lives and I really want to try to help change/protect the lovely planet we live on. I really feel that this is the right way for me to go about doing that. I feel incredibly positive, even if I do get ridiculously nervous about the future, I just want to do some good whilst I am on this earth.

Once I have the website up and running I do hope that you will all come and take a look, pass it around to your friends and watch it grow with me. Thank you all for being on this wonderful journey with me.

Till next time, take care of yourselves and your loved ones.

© 2013 A Whole Life

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