I think I should start by unashamedly saying I don’t know who I am. I mean of course I ‘know’ who I am, I am Rachel. I am the person I have been, the person I am today and the person I will be in the future.

I guess what I really mean is that my life and therefore myself is ever evolving and because of that I don’t truly know who I am. But right here and right now I am someone studying towards an Honours Degree in Environmental Science, a haphazard and rarely seen artist, a lover of food and cooking, a newly turned vegetarian (aiming towards being a newly turned vegan), a lover of the world and the things in it. A reader, writer and photographer all of which I generally fail miserably at but I am ok with that. A 9-5 worker, a 24/7 homemaker and a lifelong girlfriend to the best person there is for me.

I started this blog a very long time ago to try to cope with all my issues. It was something I never really stuck with. Mostly I think because it was me talking about things I didn’t want to deal with and didn’t want the rest of the world to know. Since then though I have stumbled many times and I have found my footing just as many times and I now feel that I am in a much better place to converse with the rest of this world. To that end this blog will be my adventures, my loves, my losses, my thoughts and hopes and dreams no matter how big or small they may seem. It will be my place to share whatever I wish to share and if it helps others on their journeys then that is an added bonus. If it ends up being just me then that is fine. This is my whole life.


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